Lovely Loveliness from Oakwood Soaperie

As you all should know by now, I am rather fond of all things lovely.

I won’t apologise for the over-use of my favourite adjective… lovely is as lovely does!

A wonderful website has been brought to my attention, and so I come here to share it with you.

Oakwood Soaperie is a small soap-making company based in the North East of England, and was founded in October 2010 by the wonderfully lovely Ceri Aitman.

Oakwood Soaperie Ceri specialises in the most luxurious, natural ‘cold process’ soaps, gorgeously pampering natural bath products and sumptuous skincare items that will feed your skin as well as cleanse it.

All Oakwood Soaperie products are handmade at Ceri’s home in small batches, using only the finest pure plant oil, butters, pure Northumbrian honey and beeswax (provided by Ceri’s Dad, a bee keeper in rural Northumberland for over 25 years), natural clays, botanicals, essential oils, blended fragrances (allergen free where possible) and both natural and cosmetic colours.

Oakwood SoaperieOK, this is sounding really good so far…

Every item from Ceri’s range is suitable for Vegetarians, and most of them are also Vegan; the only guinea pigs they are tried and tested on are human ones.

Fabulous… that’s just how we like it!

Here are some Oakwood Soaperie lovelies that caught my eye

Wylam Beer and Patchouli soap (Vegan friendly!)… mmmm manly!

Oakwood Soaperie Wylam Beer and Patchouli SoapThis is a fantastic, richly lathering creamy soap, ideal for the man in your life. It incorporates delicious locally produced (Northumbrian) ‘Wylam Beer’ for a creamy lather not dissimilar to the head on a good pint of proper beer.

Blended with calming and grounding Patchouli and refreshing and stimulating Sweet Orange essential oils, this comforting blend reassures you if you are feeling a little delicate around the edges.

Lady Grey Tea and Citrus soap (also Vegan friendly)… how refreshing!

Oakwood Soaperie Lady Grey Tea and Citrus SoapDelicately made with real Lady Grey tea infusion and citrus essential oils of Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Lemon & a splosh of grounding Patchouli, this soap is enriched with plant oils and butters to nourish and smooth your skin.

The tops are beautifully decorated with real tea leaves, dried orange shreds and peacock mica to resemble the delicate citrus flavours in the tea and the extravagant peacock feathers Lady Grey was renowned for wearing.

Ceri also makes bath bombs entirely by hand; very popular as pretty wedding favours.

She uses only pure , Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid (derived from fruit) to create the fizz, no harsh additives in there! They’re fragranced with either pure essential oils or high quality cosmetic fragrance oils, please check the individual ingredients listing on each item.

Here’s some for you to delight in…

St Clements Bubbling Bath Bomb… a fizzy delight!

Oakwood Soaperie St Clements Bubbling Bath BombThese beauties are packed full of cheering citrus essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and lime. A great little pick-me-up and bath treat, simply drop it into a filled bath and enjoy.

Floral Heaven Bath Bomb… unashamedly feminine.

Oakwood Soaperie Floral Heaven Bath BombThis bath bomb is bursting with exotic Jasmine essential oil; known as ‘Queen of the Night’, it comes to life after dark. Teamed with Ylang Ylang , the honeyed, sweet and exotic scent is the ideal choice for a pampering bath before a big night out. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are both known for their uplifting, calming properties, thought to aid self-expression and boost self-confidence. Each bath bomb is delicately highlighted with dried jasmine flowers delicately golden in colour; it truly is the pick of the crop.

Each bath bomb will arrive swathed in muslin and hand-tied with a co-ordinating ribbon and its own luggage tag label – just so everyone knows who she is and what she does when she arrives. You can either keep her wrapped up and drop her straight into your warm inviting bath (after removing the label of course!), or unwrap her to get the full experience. If you like you can use the muslin as a gentle facial wash cloth and the ribbon as a fairy sash, tie in your hair, or around your little pinkie to remind you of something crucial…the possibilities are endless…

Oakwood Soaperie Heather Honey Bath BombSome more fabulous products…

SOS Facial Cleansing Bar with Charcoal and Tea Tree (Vegan friendly)… a skin healer.

Oakwood Soaperie SOS Facial Cleansing BarA gorgeous pure cold process facial cleansing bar enriched with skin-loving oils and butters of Olive, Shea, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Jojoba oil; all chosen specifically for the skin benefits they provide.

This bar will not strip or dry delicate facial skin, but will gently cleanse and soften with Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal powder, leaving it feeling fresh, squeaky clean and soft.

Rich in Vitamins A & E and retaining all of its natural glycerine content, this bar is especially mild and can be used morning and evening as an alternative to your usual cleanser. Lemon oil is particularly beneficial in skin care as it helps brighten and tone oily skin as well as being mildly astringent. Teamed with bug busting Lavender and Tea Tree oils which help to banish spots and clogged pores, this power packed bar is the perfect choice if your skin still thinks it is a teenager, even if you aren’t.

You can follow Oakwood Soaperie on Twitter (@OakwoodSoaperie), ‘like’ their Facebook page, read the Oakwood Soaperie blog and visit their fabulous website to place your orders!


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