Oooohhh… a review!

It’s fantastic when we receive gorgeous items to test on ourselves and our willing family and friends, and I’m so pleased to post beaut-e’s first ever product review! Yippity-doo-dah! Lorraine Doron qualified in Aromatherapy in January 1994 and very soon after she started making and selling her own products. Lorraine has so kindly sent me 5 samples of her products, and I’m delighted to share them with you!

Seducution - by Loroma EDP

Seduction by Loroma EDP, is a strong and powerful scent. You only need one spray, so the bottle will last for a long long time… I promise! It has a definite musky sweet smell as it contains lovely essential oils such as Patchouli (a personal favourite of mine) Ylang Ylang Extra, Jasmine and Geranium Bourbon amongst others. A favourite of many natural perfume wearers, Seduction by Loroma is a full strength eau de parfum; it uses high quality essential oils for a warm and seductive aroma. This lovely EDP comes in a pretty perfume bottle in either 12ml (£7.95) or 30ml (£16.95) and has a lovely touch from Lorraine with the handwritten label.

The Soothe It! Gel

The Soothe It! Gel comes in a sweet little pot and is so handy to pop in a drawer or carry around with you. Formulated for the discomfort that the pollen in Spring and Summer can bring to many people, this little gem pot of Aloe Vera gel with essential oils Yarrow, Myrtle and Niaouli can help to soothe all kinds of minor skin irritations and inflammations. At first, I thought ‘now what am I going to test this on?’ It turns out it arrived just in time for my finger burning event just the other week! To cut a long story short… small slices of bread stuck in big toaster… fingers in… ouch! So ran them under the cold tap as I’ve learnt from experience… and thought, ‘hmmmm, I wonder?’! Smudged a small amount of the gel on my fingers and hey presto… I found the cooling sensation a relief and it didn’t smell too bad either! I re-applied on the evening before bed and I do genuinely think this stuff is really good. It comes in a 30ml pot for £4.25, and I think it’s a very fair price as you only need a small smudge to do the job (obviously depending on what you use it for of course!). It won’t be something you use every day but I’m interested to see what else I can use it for in the future. My partner suffers with hayfever… might test it out on him to see what happens! Will keep you updated.

Pure Essential Oils… a year-round must have with so many different uses. I’ve received three of these from Lorraine and to be quite honest, I’ve tried them all and found them to be great products, but Festive Spirit is certainly my fave! ‘Christmas in a bottle’ – OK I thought, I am the queen of Christmas and can sniff out the difference between real cinnamon and frankincense and a plug-in air freshener… so lets give it a whirl. I tried it in my trusty oil burner in the lounge (5-6 drops in a tiny pool of water), and lit the candle in anticipation. I could smell it from opening the bottle, but from experience I’ve learnt not to trust the initial smell… no matter how scrumptious it might seem!

Festive Spirit

Some oils can be weak, or it’s the bottle that holds the fragrance which is then lost once you try using the oil. Not with Festive Spirit. I could close my eyes and feel the Christmas Tree in the corner of the room and the heat from the fire on Christmas Day! No kidding… this really is Christmas in a bottle. My only advice would be perhaps to buy more than one bottle as I guarantee you will use it a lot… especially from Thanksgiving into the New Year. Thanks Lorraine!

Restful Sleep

OK, next up we have Lorraine’s Restful Sleep Oil (£4.25 for 5ml). This is a very popular blend of essential oils including Organic French Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram and Red Mandarin that can be used either in the bath, oil burner or mixed as a massage oil (using the correct method of course).  I tried this in the bath (and have done so a few times afterwards) before going to bed. Usually I don’t get the chance for this luxury being so busy, but I’m very aware of taking care of myself whenever I can! So, ran the bath and added a few drops of this lovely oil. Immediately the smell itself filled the bathroom and the lavender stood out. I just loved how relaxed I felt in the bath (yes, a bath is usually relaxing… but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra to the mix). I honestly slept like a baby… whether it’s psychological or not, who am I to say. But all I know is that it made we want to have more baths before sleepy time, and that can’t be bad! Lorraine also mentions on her website that Restful Sleep can also be useful in cases of hypertension and aches & pains… so why not give it a try and let us know how you get on?

Pure Essential Oils

Finally, but by no means leastly (not a real word… it’s my own), we have the Relaxation Oil. Again, this blend contains Organic French Lavender and Red Mandarin as with the Restful Sleep Oil, but here we have Geranium Bourbon and Amyris combined to create a gorgeously relaxing bath oil, lovely burner oil or massage oil to help loosen those knots! It really did help to relax my muscles after a long day, and whilst being massaged into my legs, upper arms and shoulders, I could instantly feel the tension from a stressed-up day leave my body! Wonderful… if you carry tension in your shoulders or have twitchy legs at night (yes, that’s me!) then give this a try. At just £4.25 for 5ml you can’t go wrong… it’s nice to have a selection of other oils as well in Lorraine’s range and I can’t wait to see them selling on beaut-e!

All photographs courtesy of @ShotByLucy.


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