Betty Buff – Vintage & Tried Recipes!

Fed up with having to peer over labels stuffed with parabens, fragrances and colours that you know are going to make your sensitive skin flare up? Well, Betty Buff have made these scrummy smelling, completely chemical and preservative-free scrubs specially made for those with sensitive skin.

Betty BuffAlso, for any diabetics out there… here’s a treat! “Totally Oatly” is just that, oats and oil scrub, no sugar, no salt; a gentle buff and hydrating pampering (a bit like smothering yourself in porridge…hey… it works!).

Totally OatyAs there are no preservatives in all Betty Buff products they have a Best Before. They’re not sold in large containers so that you can get the most benefit from the fresh ingredients!

The fragrance-free “Shea Soufflé Moisturiser” has been whipped beyond whipping so that it’s a light and fluffy handful, to salve dry and itchy patches. It’s best used after bathing or showering to lock in as much hydration as possible; it can also be used on your face as a night cream. Lovely jubbly.

Betty Buff Sugar Scrubs & Moisturisers will keep your skin smooth & exfoliated all year long!

Thinking of fake tanning this summer? Now is the time to get rid of all that dull skin ready to ‘fake it’; it will look so much more natural and glam!

“Strawberry Smash” is the Betty Buff luscious ‘summer in a jar’. Strawberries are packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins which really nourish your skin; it will make your mouth water! Promise!

Want to know a secret? “Scrummy Choco”, with 100% Cocoa is a favourite… but you’ll be spoilt for choice; whether you want to pamper you face, body or feet!

Betty Buff Scrummy ChocoPamper packs are available and are the perfect gift for anyone who wants some “me time” and has all the tools to hand to really buff and polish to perfection!

Pamper PackHelp your gorgeous men out with the Betty Buff “Lime & Ginger” scrub. Clarifying and cleansing with a zingy freshness that will make him feel suave and groomed… ooohh er!

Betty Buff Lime & Ginger Scrub


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