Dig For Victory!

Dig For VictoryI would love to own all of these dresses… they’re just so darn lovely!

Dig For Victory!‘ is an independent fashion label which specialises in making limited edition and one-off dresses and jackets from the fabrics of the past.

Curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, remnants – all are plucked from their respite in the charity shop and brought back to life as quirky and unique garments for women and girls who still love to play dress-up!

Here are some AMAZING examples…

Autumn Yellow Moravian Folk Dress – Made to Order

Autumn Yellow Moravian Folk Dress - Made to OrderSonic the Hedgehog Heidi Dress – currently sold out… I want one!

Sonic the Hedgehog Heidi DressBlue and White Wiggle Dress – Made to Order

Blue and White Wiggle Dress - Made to OrderPink Satin Prom Dress – Made to Order

Pink Satin Prom Dress - Made to OrderVisit the website for more gorgeous lovelies ww.digforvictoryclothing.com


One thought on “Dig For Victory!

  1. OMG!!!! I love dresses. When I first saw that Sonic the hedgehog dress, I fell instantly in love! But how can it be sold out! DARN IT!!!!!! I would buy that dress for any price. As a huge Sonic fan, that’s just how I am. Sold out my foot….it better be back in stock soon. Who made that dress? They should be highly rewarded. Such a creative and beautiful dress. OMG indeed. Love, in love I tell you!

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