Fabulous Feet Fit For a Queen!

Yes… I rather like alliteration. As taught by my 9 year old niece last night! Ha.

So what are my tips and recommended beaut-e products for a lady who’s on her feet all day long… too busy thinking of others and not yourself?

Whoa Nelly… you’re feet are your transportation you take for granted every day. So you must look after them and treat them well.

Here are some wonderful ways to pamper your beaut-e Queen tootsies ‘til your heart’s content!

Miss Polly Tootsie TreatmentThis splendid Tootsie Treatment from Miss Polly is made with 100% natural ingredients! Rich and creamy… this is a fabulous way to keep your feet nourished and hard skin softened. It’s also pretty amazing on your legs too as the menthol in the Peppermint essential oil helps cool your skin.

NEW - Foot Care Gift Bag - medium image 1This Foot Care Gift Bag from Working with Nature includes these tootsie-loving goodies in a cute sustainable jute bag:

Dandelion Foot Soap

Fabulous Foot Fizz

Shell Soap Dish


The Dandelion Foot Soap lovely refreshing soap made from a base of olive, palm and coconut, scented with rosemary and peppermint essential oils and packed full of detoxifying dandelion leaves. This soap has been a best seller for nearly 10 years, perfect for cooling and soothing your tootsies but also great for everyday use.

Due to a unique combination of oils and the Working with Nature extra special energy efficient production method, your soap will retain its fragrance to the very last sliver!

The Fabulous Foot Fizz, as featured in Cheshire Life Magazine, gives your feet a treat with SLS-free fizzing foot salts. Made from organic sea salt and scented with a blend of tea tree and peppermint essential oils, it also contains organic horsetail herb which is believed to be beneficial to nail health.

Finish off with this Foot Heaven Luxury Artisan Moisturiser:

NEW - "Foot Heaven" Luxury Artisan Moisturiser - medium image 1Your feet will certainly feel Queen-like after using any of these!


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