A day in the life of the office cat

We thought we’d share with you some funny pictures of the official beaut-e cat!

Yes… she’s called Earwig and she’s a spoilt madam who runs Hannah and Conrad round ragged.

If you have a kitty of your own, I’m sure you can relate to all of these little personality traits of the feline species!

Earwig the beaut-e office catShe’s an old lady, but she likes to think she’s the boss. This is her ‘do not mess with me’ look. We know she’s trying to be top dog, but we can’t help but chuckle amongst ourselves when she’s pulling her Lord Sugar face. We can just hear her saying ‘You’re Fired!’ whenever we don’t rise to her demands. She is a pampered puss of the most pampered kind, believe me.

Earwig feeling hungry

Earwig has a penchant for our beaut-e folk… here she is eyeing up one of our little guys! Can you believe it? Hey Earwig… whose team are you on?

Having said that, she’s far too laid back and lazy to catch her lunch for herself. After all, that’s what we’re all here for!

Earwig - Look at Me!She won’t admit it, but she is quite the diva. If you’re not paying her majesty all of your devout attention, then be prepared to have to compromise on something. You’ll find that this is usually your personal space, and she has a knack of picking her timing too. Usually when we’re right in the middle of deploying a new beaut-e functionality (or shopping online – this is also extremely important).

When you own a cat, you learn how to walk around the house like a busy bee all day with the capability of doing it all with a lazy cat balancing precariously on your noggin’… as they just can’t be without you! If every other part of your body is busy doing something, your head will do just fine!

Lazy Earwig‘Oh daaaarling… of course I’m the Queen. Look at this splendid red carpet they’ve rolled out for me.’

Earwig does not take kindly to being disturbed during her beaut-e sleep! She might look teeny tiny and like butter wouldn’t melt; but she has no fear. She’s extremely vocal and can often be heard in the background on many a Skype convo.

Earwig - Out of It!Yes, she’s most certainly the most hard-working member of our team. You can tell the difference between Earwig when she’s just resting her eyes and when she’s completely out of it… see above.

She’s our entertainment, loving company and devoted beaut-e fan; and we love her!

If you have an office putty-tat; let us know if you think they’d get on with our little miss.


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