Free Shipping? Oh yes please!

Just a short post for you today beaut-e’s!

We (I refer to the royal we here) like to make a mahoosive big song and dance about all the new features we introduce on the website.

If you haven’t heard the latest… sellers can now offer you FREE SHIPPING on beaut-e!

Free Shipping on beaut-e!Wahhhoooo!

Did you hear me? I said… FREE SHIPPING!

Elinor Rose is one of our first fabulous sellers to offer free shipping… take a look at their shop for details!

Here are some of the lovely jubbly wonderfully pretty things you can pop in your basket to day…

Lavender & Rosewood Cleanser - Dry/Mature SkinRosemary & Peppermint 'mind clearing' Bath SoakAnother newbie is the brand spanking new fixed shipping feature that sellers can now offer too!

Check out Oakwood Soaperie and Loved Essentials who are the first beaut-e sellers to offer one set p&p cost per order!

Here are some lovelies from Oakwood Soaperie

Geranium, Clary Sage and Mandarin Artisan saopSpa Clay and Salt Bar with Fennel & MintAnd here are some more lovelies from Loved Essentials!

Day Rejuvenating MoisturiserExfoliating Body cleanser


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