Summer Beauty… Fabulously Handmade

Summer is just around the corner…

Well, isn’t it? Or has it already been? Or is it coming in September?

If you’re anywhere other than the UK you’re probably screaming that Summer has been and gone or you’ve been basking in the sunshine for at least a month by now!

Anywho… whatever the weather, here are my top 5 bloomin’ summery products on beaut-e to get you at your shiny best!

May Chang Body Polish – because you need to buff to avoid looking rough!

May Chang Body Polish - medium image 1Ha… OK that’s a bit harsh, but it rhymes; so we’ll go with it.

Scent Trail’s lovely body polish is perfect for dry areas including heels, elbows and knees or used as a general body exfoliator (a pre-self-tanning MUST!).

It has a marvellous mixture of pretty pink Himalayan salts, Dead Sea Salts (for their reputed therapeutic effect) and Avocado Oil, which is believed to have regenerative and moisturizing properties. It’s also fragranced with essential oil; this scrub will leave your skin soft and gently scented!

Bring on the sunshine! Ooohhh actually, this leads nicely on to the next…

Simply Angelic’s Bring Me Sunshine Ecosoy Aroma Melts – if it’s piddling it down outside, there’s still sunshine in your bathroom!

Bring Me Sunshine Ecosoy Aroma Melts - medium image 1Baths aren’t just for cold winter nights to warm up before beddy time… a fabulous bath with wonderful products is great for relaxing your mind and body.

This delightfully sunny fragrance is cheery and bright, utilising the uplifting effect of Sweet Orange with May Chang (again… May Chang!) and Palmarosa to create a bath of sunshine for you to float in to.

You could also try this splendid Calming Dispersible Organic Bath Oil from LJ Natural (guess what… May Chang again!).

Calming Dispersible Organic Bath Oil - medium image 1Why did I not just call this blog post… the May Chang Effect?

This brilliant bottle contains Lavender (a relaxant), Tangerine (calming) and May Chang (fruity light oil), which is perfect for a fabulous summer bath time!

After spending so long in the bath (yes… I know you fell asleep in there for at least an hour), don’t let your hands get the bath wrinkles!

Have this gorgeous pot of gold to hand… Lemon & Mandarin Intensive Hand Treatment from Miss Polly.

Miss Polly Lemon & Mandarin Intensive Hand TreatmentIt’s deliciously citrus scent is summery and fresh with Lemon and Mandarin essential oils to awaken and refresh the senses.

What a wonderful way to treat your hands! With Shea, meadow foam and Rice Bran oils, this treatment works its magic by being easily absorbed and quick to nourish.

You only need a tiny amount too for your skin to feel lovely and smooth. It also works amazingly on your cuticles and can help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema!

If you’re in the bath so long that your whole body has the bath wrinkles… you’ll also need this scrummy Fresh Lemon Body Butter from the Dr K Soap Company.

Fresh Lemon Body Butter - medium image 1It’s fresh smelling, it’s lemony, it’s butter for your body. Need I say more?


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