Make Me!

I absolutely love to read about how to make soap, body butters, lip balms, bath bombs… the list goes on and on!

If there were enough hours in the day I would be doing this every week… making lovely bath fizzes and creams with all my fave fragrances and colours! Ooohhh *swoons*.

Make a Cornflower and Clay Cleansing BarThe ‘Make’ part of beaut-e is where I’d love for lots of people to come and share their handmade beauty recipes, tips, ‘how to’ guides or general handmade beauty posts.

You don’t need to be a seller on beaut-e to publish your stuff here… I know there’s loads of people out there who make their own products or have wonderful tips to use at home.

You might make soap and just give some away to friends and family… whatever it is you can share, come and spread the handmade love!

If you love to read about all of these fabulously creative people and what they get up to, or want to be inspired yourself… come and take a peek.

The LisaLise “How to Make Whipped Body Butter” is a popular one… super informative and easy to follow guide with great piccies.

How to Make Whipped Body ButterHow about a really easy peasy Two Minute Honey Mask?

How to Make a Two Minute Honey MaskHoney is just fabulous for you… both inside and out. A lovely mug of hot water with some honey (my preference is manuka honey) with a squeeze of a fresh lemon is a marvellous start to the day.

I think these are just so pretty…

How to Make Clay and Cranberry Cleansing HeartsYou can make your own clay and cranberry cleansing hearts… you just need these ingredients!

How to Make Clay and Cranberry Cleansing HeartsOr read up on All Natural Hair Cleansers and the ‘No Poo’ crowd… haha! Now I know you’lll read it!

LisaLise has published quite a few posts… don’t be shy! Come and join in.

No matter how short or long your post is, no matter how many photos… we want to see them!

If you like to read these types of posts… comment here on what you’d like to see so people know what you’d love to know about!


One thought on “Make Me!

  1. I love to make soaps- just simple melt and pour method- then into pretty moulds and give away to friends. Also do lip balms, with real chocolate melted into them, one square for the mix and 2 for me! Have tried bath bombs once, I’m more a shower girl but my sis loved them.

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