Cherish Souffle – The Review!

I’m delighted to tell you all about this fantastic review of the “Cherish Souffle” product by Amakai Skincare. I had received this lovely pot to blog about and decided to ask a lovely friend of Hannah’s (Katie) to review it for me as she suffers with eczema. Katie has tried loads and loads of products and I knew I could trust her to write an honest and detailed review.


“Basically, I really like it, it’s lovely and creamy. When my eczema is playing up it’s really soothing when you apply it but it isn’t greasy or oily like a lot of other products I have used.

It rubs in to the skin really nicely so you are not left with slippery hands or an extra layer on your skin. With my job, I’m not at my desk much of the day but I try to apply 2-3 times and it keeps my hands soft and moisturised all day.

Occasionally I have forgotten it and so only moisturised first thing and my hands have still been soft at the end of the day.

The only thing I was unsure of was the smell; it’s quite strong when you open the tin, its lavender so I was worried about smelling like an old lady! But actually once it is applied to the skin the smell almost completely vanishes. I also quite like the fragrance now as it’s quite a fresh lavender smell.

I would definitely recommend it to people, and I will be buying some more myself!”

So… I could have told you that this product is non-greasy and I that I like the Lavender smell, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell you whether it actually works or not!

It’s a must for all sensitive types out there! This Amakai Skincare product contains the holy trinity of sensitive skin cherishing ingredients…Calendula, Camomile & Lavender to soothe, calm and repair!  Highly recommended for anyone with allergic, sensitive or eczema/psoriasis prone skin. You can keep up to date with their products on Facebook too!

Cherish Souffle

If you suffer with eczema, I think you should give this a whirl. If it didn’t work for Katie, I wouldn’t be able to recommend it to you. Eczema is painful and difficult to treat… let’s see if this can help to ease the discomfort whilst keeping you fresh and beautiful (without making you smell like an old lady! Heehee). If you have sensitive skin, add this to your Christmas Wishlist!

Thank You to Katie for testing the gorgeous “Cherish Souffle” and for her wonderful first beaut-e review!



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