The OV Secret to a Glowing Complexion!

If you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere you might be the only person who doesn’t know that our first ever Twitter #beautebiz winner was the lovely OV naturals!

RoseTo celebrate their #beautebiz win, they’re offering a 10% discount for 10 days from today (Monday 24th October 11)! Just enter BEAUTEBIZ as your promotional code… and you’re away! Yipppeee! How very kind of them.

You can check out the blog post about their win and wonderful donated #beautetition prize here.

Lucy Stevens is a professional Aromatherapist with a passion for natural health and beauty, and she’s also a lovely jubbly person to boot!

OV-naturalsYou must check out the fantastic OV blog for tips and secrets as well as interesting posts and news!

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I’ve been very lucky to sample the OV ‘Rosy Glow’ Luxury Organic Moisturiser and OV ‘Triple Rose’ Luxury Organic Facial Oil and I can honestly say that this stuff is wonderful!

As you should know by now… I do have sensitive skin and most importantly it can break out at any time without any notice. So, trying any new product is always a risk for me personally as I’m used to a break out after trying something brand new.

So… how did I get on? Well I tried the facial oil first at night time after cleansing my skin. I usually cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply tea tree oil or a similar product (like a good girl), but this time I simply cleansed then applied the oil all over.

I only needed a couple of drops, warmed it in the palm of my hand and then smoothed it on in an upwards motion. I was worried that I would feel greasy and oily, but I had nothing to worry about. The smell was so lovely… it’s so nice to use organic treats for your skin. It was different to using a moisturiser, but I had my beaut-e sleep and woke up in the morning with a lovely glow… and no break outs! Wahey!

So I applied the moisturiser for the day, and again found that the cream wasn’t oily or greasy, and it simply melted into my skin. It really did give me a glowing complexion and my friend (who’s known for bluntness and honesty) said I looked like I’d had a facial! Oooohhh… thanks for the compliment!

OV naturals have lots of lovely quotes from press/media/clients/online sales etc. and lots more here.

Check out their goody bags for Christmas too!

OV Goody BagThe OV bestsellers are the Triple Rose Facial Oil, Firm Friend Facial Oil, Firm Friend Moisturiser and Zing a Ling Body Lotion.

Lovely treats for yourself, your friends and Christmas prezzies too!


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