Magic from the Secret Garden…

Fabulous guest post from the Founder of Alaya Beauty

Alaya Beauty“Alaya Beauty is evolving. Our story is still being written. Inspired by The Secret Garden and the healing power of nature, fresh air and sunshine we are growing our range of magical face oils.

Alaya Beauty BannerAlong with our signature radiance boosting face oil we will be offering a botanical clarifying treatment oil for blemish-prone skin and a precious calming face oil for very sensitive and fragile skin.

Our signature face oil, currently known as Advanced Radiance Super Boost is getting a beautiful new label to reflect the inspiration of the Secret Garden. The winning formula so many of you love will stay the same.

Not only is our range growing but our confidence as well and as a result we have been able to secure a better price on some of our raw ingredients.

We are very happy as the quality and integrity of the ingredients is just so important to us.

Alaya Beauty Facial OilWe can lower our prices without changing the formula or ingredients and more people can experience the magic of Alaya Beauty.

The new products and new look will be available in February.”


You can buy the Alaya Beauty Face Oil on Sharon’s lovely website… Now at a reduced price!!

Follow Sharon on Twitter @AlayaBeauty and visit the Alaya Beauty Facebook Page.


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