How do I pay my monthly beaut-e bill?

As a registered seller on beaut-e you will only pay a beaut-e monthly bill via PayPal for a month when you list or sell an item/s.

Your monthly beaut-e bill is calculated from listing fees and selling fees for each month and is visible in your ‘My Account’ area.

When you have accumulated fees for a full month, you will receive an email notfication on the first day of the next month to confirm that your bill is due.

You will have until the middle of that month to pay before you will receive a reminder that it is overdue. Please be aware that overdue accounts may be withdrawn.

Upon receipt of payment for your monthly beaut-e bill you will receive and email notification.

How will I receive beaut-e email notifications?

Upon registering with beaut-e you will receive your first beaut-e email notification confirming your registration.

Buyers receive beaut-e email notifications to confirm receipt of payment for orders and confirmation of shipped orders from sellers.

Sellers receive beaut-e email notifications to confirm when an order has been placed, when payment for an order has been received, when their beaut-e monthly bill is due to be paid and when their beaut-e monthly bill has been paid. Email notifications are also received if a beaut-e monthly bill is overdue.

Change of password/email notifications are also issued to help protect registered users.

Messages between registered users on beaut-e are also received via email.

All email notifications are sent to the email address registered to your account.

How do I register on beaut-e?

To sell or buy on beaut-e you will need to Register and enter your:


Email Address

Chosen User Name (Your User Name must be between 3 and 20 characters long and contain only numbers, letters, hyphens and/or underscores.
Please note: Your User Name will also be used as your Shop Name if you choose to set up a shop on beaut-e).

Chosen Password (Your Password must be at least 6 characters in length)

You will then receive a beaut-e registration email confirmation and can get started!

How do I edit my listings?

Changing listings dramatically from when they were originally submitted is NOT permitted. This is to prevent previous orders from changing in previous buyers’ histories. (See Terms and Conditions).

Tweak Text & Images enable sellers to change the ‘Item Name’, ‘Item Description’, ‘Category’ and ‘Images’ for all live (in-stock) listings.

Once a listing has sold out of all available stock it will no longer be visible to buyers and will move to Out of Stock Items. Sellers will be able to increase stock levels using the Change Quantity functionality or create a new listing using Create Similar Listing.

The Change Quantity functionality can also be used for live listings should a seller wish to decrease or increase their stock. Increasing the quantity of a live listing will incur the same listing fees as normal. The calcualtion of the listing fees in this instance will account for the additional stock only. If a seller decreases their stock or sets the quantity of a listing to ’0′ they will not be refunded any listing fees they initially incurred.

All listings where available stock has sold out will not be visible to buyers, but will remain in ‘Active Listings’ for your reference.

Copying Text into Item Description

When updating an ‘Item description’ field for a listing you may wish to copy text from an online document or website etc.

To ensure that this is done appropriately, please copy your content and paste into Notepad (a common text-only or plain text editor) first.

This will guarantee that the content is suitable for pasting into the ‘Item description’ field (copy from Notepad).

Shipping Guide for Sellers

When listing an item, sellers have the option to choose different shipping destinations and different prices.

It is the sole responsibility of each seller on beaut-e to ensure that they are not profiting from shipping (postage and packaging) costs, and that their listed charges are fair and consistent.

As a beaut-e seller, you may list as many different shipping options per item, dependant on the countries you are eligible to ship to.

The shipping discount applied is per listing only (for multiple purchases of the same item by the same buyer).

If you believe a beaut-e user may be listing unfair shipping costs, please contact the beaut-e team.

Sellers must let a buyer know when their order has been shipped by clicking the box next to the relevant order to confirm the item has been shipped. By doing this, the buyer will automatically be sent an email to confirm the status of the order.

Sellers who request details of ‘Delivery Instructions’ from buyers must state in the ‘Item Description’ that the buyer can put a ‘Delivery Instruction’ in the message area when paying through PayPal.

For returns policies, sellers can detail these in the ‘Item Description’ or ‘Shop Description’.

Shipping Guide for Buyers

Postage and packaging (P&P) costs are shown at the bottom of an item page and will differ depending on where the items are being shipped to, and how many items are being sent (the seller may be offering a P&P discount for multiple purchases of the same item).

The postage costs for any order will be displayed in your basket before you check out.

It is the sellers responsibility to ensure that they are not profiting from shipping costs, and that their listed charges are fair and consistent.

If you believe a beaut-e user may be listing unfair shipping costs, please contact the beaut-e team.

How much will it cost to sell on beaut-e?

It’s completely free to join beaut-e! There are no sign-up costs.

To list an item on beaut-e will cost you 17p. If you have one listing with multiple items, you will be charged 17p per item. The listing lasts for one year, or until the item is sold out.

When an item sells, a 15% commission of the sale price is added to your monthly beaut-e bill.

The reason we charge 17p to list is mainly to reduce ‘product spam’ on the site. 15% commission on sales reflects what beaut-e perceives to be the value we can offer to users in terms providing a platform to sell and marketing your work to a wider audience.

All costs are currently charged in UK Pounds Sterling.

What can I sell on beaut-e?

beaut-e is the perfect marketplace for your handmade, organic and natural skin care products and accessories.

Your ‘handmade’ or ‘organic’ items must be made by you or your company through a craft practice (e.g. soap making) or the item has an original design created by you (e.g. a make-up bag).

If your products can sit within one of the beaut-e categories below, then your product can be listed for sale on the site:

What can I sell?

Handmade Bath

  • Soap
  • Oil
  • Hair
  • Cream
  • Scrub
  • Bath Salts
  • Shower

Handmade Cosmetics

  • Balm
  • Salve
  • Moisturiser
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Perfume


What can’t be sold on beaut-e?
To make life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of things that cannot be sold on beaut-e. Please read through this list, as we will not refund any listing fees for submitted items that are in breach of this list:

  • Items that infringe copyright laws
  • High Street Brands that are not your own product
  • Products that do not meet Regulations
    Handmade beauty products must abide by The Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations. Regulations require that cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment by a suitably qualified person before they can be sold. In your listings for such products, please include the ingredients and state that your items have been tested or we will ask you to remove your item. Please contact your local Trading Standards Office for advice.
  • Handmade items that have not been made by you
    You must have had some part in the making or designing of the product you are selling.
  • Adult/pornographic products
    Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an adult nature (interpretation of which is determined by beaut-e) are prohibited. If unsure, you are recommended to contact us before listing in order that your account is not suspended.
  • Food products
    Please do not sell anything edible on beaut-e. Your product might smell good enough to eat, but that’s as far as it must go!
  • Media products
    beaut-e does not allow the sale of films, music, CDs, DVDs or other related items.
  • Illegal, dangerous/hazardous products
  • Items which have been gained illegally or which are stolen or for which it would be illegal to trade
    [e.g. drugs, items sold as toys without the necessary license, copyrighted work or reproductions of copyrighted work without permissions] are not permitted on beaut-e. Hazardous or dangerous items such as weapons and knives or chemicals are also not allowed.