How do I edit my listings?

Changing listings dramatically from when they were originally submitted is NOT permitted. This is to prevent previous orders from changing in previous buyers’ histories. (See Terms and Conditions).

Tweak Text & Images enable sellers to change the ‘Item Name’, ‘Item Description’, ‘Category’ and ‘Images’ for all live (in-stock) listings.

Once a listing has sold out of all available stock it will no longer be visible to buyers and will move to Out of Stock Items. Sellers will be able to increase stock levels using the Change Quantity functionality or create a new listing using Create Similar Listing.

The Change Quantity functionality can also be used for live listings should a seller wish to decrease or increase their stock. Increasing the quantity of a live listing will incur the same listing fees as normal. The calcualtion of the listing fees in this instance will account for the additional stock only. If a seller decreases their stock or sets the quantity of a listing to ’0′ they will not be refunded any listing fees they initially incurred.

All listings where available stock has sold out will not be visible to buyers, but will remain in ‘Active Listings’ for your reference.

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