Shipping Guide for Sellers

When listing an item, sellers have the option to choose different shipping destinations and different prices.

It is the sole responsibility of each seller on beaut-e to ensure that they are not profiting from shipping (postage and packaging) costs, and that their listed charges are fair and consistent.

As a beaut-e seller, you may list as many different shipping options per item, dependant on the countries you are eligible to ship to.

The shipping discount applied is per listing only (for multiple purchases of the same item by the same buyer).

If you believe a beaut-e user may be listing unfair shipping costs, please contact the beaut-e team.

Sellers must let a buyer know when their order has been shipped by clicking the box next to the relevant order to confirm the item has been shipped. By doing this, the buyer will automatically be sent an email to confirm the status of the order.

Sellers who request details of ‘Delivery Instructions’ from buyers must state in the ‘Item Description’ that the buyer can put a ‘Delivery Instruction’ in the message area when paying through PayPal.

For returns policies, sellers can detail these in the ‘Item Description’ or ‘Shop Description’.

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