What can I sell on beaut-e?

beaut-e is the perfect marketplace for your handmade, organic and natural skin care products and accessories.

Your ‘handmade’ or ‘organic’ items must be made by you or your company through a craft practice (e.g. soap making) or the item has an original design created by you (e.g. a make-up bag).

If your products can sit within one of the beaut-e categories below, then your product can be listed for sale on the site:

What can I sell?

Handmade Bath

  • Soap
  • Oil
  • Hair
  • Cream
  • Scrub
  • Bath Salts
  • Shower

Handmade Cosmetics

  • Balm
  • Salve
  • Moisturiser
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Perfume


What can’t be sold on beaut-e?
To make life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of things that cannot be sold on beaut-e. Please read through this list, as we will not refund any listing fees for submitted items that are in breach of this list:

  • Items that infringe copyright laws
  • High Street Brands that are not your own product
  • Products that do not meet Regulations
    Handmade beauty products must abide by The Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations. Regulations require that cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment by a suitably qualified person before they can be sold. In your listings for such products, please include the ingredients and state that your items have been tested or we will ask you to remove your item. Please contact your local Trading Standards Office for advice.
  • Handmade items that have not been made by you
    You must have had some part in the making or designing of the product you are selling.
  • Adult/pornographic products
    Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an adult nature (interpretation of which is determined by beaut-e) are prohibited. If unsure, you are recommended to contact us before listing in order that your account is not suspended.
  • Food products
    Please do not sell anything edible on beaut-e. Your product might smell good enough to eat, but that’s as far as it must go!
  • Media products
    beaut-e does not allow the sale of films, music, CDs, DVDs or other related items.
  • Illegal, dangerous/hazardous products
  • Items which have been gained illegally or which are stolen or for which it would be illegal to trade
    [e.g. drugs, items sold as toys without the necessary license, copyrighted work or reproductions of copyrighted work without permissions] are not permitted on beaut-e. Hazardous or dangerous items such as weapons and knives or chemicals are also not allowed.
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