Who can I buy from?

To buy something you need register a beaut-e account, as we need some details from you (at least an email address) to be able to track your order.

To make a purchase, simply select ‘Add to basket’ on the item page. Your selected item will be added to your shopping basket,  displayed at the top right of each page.

Sellers will indicate which countries they deliver their items to (displayed at the bottom of the listing in the Shipping area). If your country is not indicated here, then you will not be able to have the item delivered directly to your country from the seller.

When you add an item to your basket and are ready to pay, you will be asked to choose the country to ship to. A notification will display if the seller does not ship to the country selected, so you can then decide to remove the item from your basket.

Items that you can purchase will remain in your basket until you either checkout or end your beaut-e session by logging out. Please note that adding an item to your basket does not remove it from sale, so if you leave it in your basket for too long without checking out there’s a chance that someone else could snap it up!

Buying items from different sellers
You can add items to your basket from several different sellers, when you reach the checkout, you will be asked to confirm your total order and pay each seller individually using PayPal.

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